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North Cornwall internet advertising, website design and realization services at a fraction of the cost of paper advertising and without the environmental implications associated with said industry.
Tel: 01840 211710
Kestrel Solutions are a North Cornwall based web design and and internet marketing service that offers real solutions to all North Cornwall businesses. For more information please call us on 01840 211710 for an informal chat and we will answer any questions you may have. We provide domain name registration and hosting packages that you will find hard to beat. Kestrel has many satisfied clients in North Cornwall and continues to actively promote this stunning area of the UK to the world at large.
If you have a online prescence based in North Cornwall and want to increase your hits with qualified, targeted traffic then get your website listed here.
If you have accommodation in North Cornwall, You can promote your property for less than 7p per day across our network and reach a worldwide audience. The figures speak for themselves. 2011: 9.8 Million visitors to our North Cornwall Network. All qualified traffic.
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Bespoke affordable websites. If you require a website or just need to revamp an existing website then Kestrel offer the Solution.